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Free Job Posting

To publish job offers manually for free is very easy and straigh-forward: just visit this site and fill this form. After few days your job will be publishedin the search engine.
With a Job submission you get a 7 days free posting per job and of course you get SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Benefits for your website. An optional service is the "Express inclusion" within 4 hours (9 USD one time setup-fee).

Information about Free Job Posting

With jobdyn.com you can publish various job offers manually for free or - if you have a lot of jobs in your database - you can generate and create the XML Feed specifically for jobdyn. You can contact us with this form to get more information. You will find some XML Specification to get a fast inclusion of your XML Feed.

XML Feed for jobs

The XML Feed is the ideal solution for companies who are looking to get qualified traffic, and to deliver a huge amount of Jobs to our platform.

XML feeds are a form of paid inclusion where jobdyn.com is taking the content like jobs by XML. XML is a data delivery language that stands for "Extensible Markup Language" and allows partners to define their own elements for sharing structured data.

With the XML Feed, our system will download and update our database on daily basis. After few minutes jobdyn.com will deliver the right visitors to you. We can implement a dedicated solution depending on your requirements.

The number of Jobs in the XML can be as many as you want (infinite). The system will show the most relevant jobs to the visitor. We have different way how the cooperation may work:

- Flat Fee Model: the feed will be based on the number of results per every search (Slot)
- Pay per Click Model: based on the traffic we deliver to the partner

Contact and References

The database of jobdyn.com has more than 1'000'000 jobs online. And over 1,000 companies use jobdyn and their partners to get listed in a high-end job search engine.

If you need any help or you have questions don't hesitate to contact the support. The SW development is done in-house. For detailed information visit the corporate website of web-set.com.

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