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PHP Programmer

Summary Sheet: I.T. & Communications

Advertiser NameImprovationAdvertiser Type:Company
Classification:I.T. & CommunicationsSubclassification:
Country:United StatesLocation:United States
Language:English - United Kingdom (en-GB) Contact Name:
Employment Type:AnyWorkhours:Not Specified

Position: PHP Programmer

Description: Improvation is a SAAS start-up based in Tampa, FL, in the Education, Medical and Entertainment fields. To learn more about its products, visit .
Candidate will participate in a team of programmers in developing multiple applications on Improvation's proprietary web application platform. Candidate should have at least 5 years of experience developing multi-tenant applications that are in production. -Seeking a long-term team player who is willing to prove themselves with the goal of partnership in the company.
Job Responsibilities are listed below in order of most required to least required.
Team Skills
- Strong ethics and good-will towards others.
- Good listening and critical thinking skills.
- Experienced in effective business communications.
- Organized and able to prioritize long queues of tasks.
- Coachable and life-long learner.
Application Development
- Interprets and analyzes application design specifications for development.
- Provides feedback on application design specifications in terms of code & database consistency, usability and impact on development timeline.
- Designs and develops backend code in a microservice-oriented style, primarily using PHP and occasionally C#.
- Modifies MySQL database structure and data in line with application design specifications.
- Designs and conducts user and regression testing on their own new code and code modifications with the goal of nearly error-free code.
- Develops, maintains, and occasionally upgrades legacy code to improve stability.
Dev Ops
- Participates in and assists in planning meetings and daily scrums.
- Works with other developers to solve complex problems.
- Performs peer code reviews and ensures code consistency.
- Occasionally involved in support requests for Tier 3 issues.
Developer Tools
- Uses Postman or similar API-design tools to create RESTful APIs that can be called upon from a variety of different environments, including legacy code.
- Uses the Angular framework to create a responsive and efficient frontend for interacting with backend APIs.
- Uses tools such as Sentry to detect & diagnose errors, and solicit user feedback.
- May communicate with vendors for 3rd party services, including Twilio.
Code Collaboration
- Manages and maintains continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines using GitLab.
- Ensures Docker images are being built properly with necessary requirements for each production application fulfilled.
- Enforces GitFlow code contribution workflow for developers.

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