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Tchr Positive Behavioral Inter - Grades 6-8

Summary Sheet: Education

Advertiser NameGwinnett County Public SchoolsAdvertiser Type:Agency
Country:United StatesLocation:United States
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Employment Type:PermanentWorkhours:Not Specified

Position: Tchr Positive Behavioral Inter - Grades 6-8

Description: Tchr Positive Behavioral Inter - Grades 6-8 JobID: 81954 Position Type: Teachers/ Tchr Positive Behavioral Inter + Date Posted: 10/27/2022 + Location: Richards Middle + Date Available: 10/31/2022 Job Code: Tchr Positive Behavioral Inter - 060173 Standard Hours: 40 Department: Grades 6-8 - 101120 Empl Class: NA Minimum Salary: $51,646.00/Annually Maximum Salary: $104,500.00/Annually Scheduled Days: 190 Target Openings: 1 License and Certification Qualifications: Hold professional certification in Early Childhood Education (P-5) issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Hold PBIS endorsement certification issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Education Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in related field required. Master's degree in related field preferred. Experience Qualifications: Minimum of three years successful elementary classroom teaching experience in planning and delivering behavioral interventions for students with significant behavioral challenges. Skills Qualifications: Knowledge of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum with in-depth knowledge of content in field of certification; knowledge of techniques for integrating curriculum, GCPS policies, and effective instructional practices; ability to understand the teaching/learning process; ability to infuse technology into instruction to increase student learning; ability to work effectively with administrators, colleagues, central office, and school based staff, students, parents, and community; excellent oral and written communication skills; and effective human relations skills. Working knowledge of function-based intervention planning for developing behavior change strategies that focuses on reducing problem behavior and increasing more appropriate behavior. Working knowledge of techniques needed to successfully complete effective Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), function?based interventions, and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP). Working knowledge in the use of assessment and assessment data to inform instruction and prescribe work plans for individual students. Working knowledge in research based instructional strategies and ability to implement them effectively. Working knowledge in the use of technology to support instruction. Demonstrated ability to plan and evaluate strategies for improving instruction. Working knowledge of using district provided early warning system (ABC reports and SEI Surveys) to identify and intervene on behalf of at-risk students. Working knowledge of how to use discipline data to problem solve. Ability to work with school counselor, social worker and district personnel to support Social and Emotional Learning through PBIS. The ability to apply the Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle to improve student behavior through changing adult behavior, teaching expectations, and implementing interventions. Ascribe to the philosophy that all students can succeed and demonstrates the commitment to do what is necessary to make this a reality. Ascribe to the philosophy that all students want to behave well and when students do not behave well it is most likely due to a skill deficit. Ascribe to the philosophy that we must explicitly teach students how we expect them to behave with re-teaching and differentiation as needed just as we would for an academic skill. Demonstrates exceptional skill in the roles of a teacher leader: collaborator, action researcher, reflective practitioner, and learner advocate. Primary Responsibilities: The Teacher - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) provides support at the local school level, working to design, implement, coordinate and evaluate a comprehensive behavior support program. In addition, the Teacher - PBIS works directly and continually with identified students to adopt behaviors that substantially increase their academic performance and school engagement. Under the supervision of the building principal, the Teacher - PBIS provides diversified strategies, a continuum of responses to behaviors for all students and specifically designed interventions for students needing additional support. 1. Ensure that the PBIS team is meeting regularly, that tools are available to assist in record keeping, there is an equal distribution of roles/responsibilities on team and evaluation data is collected/entered on PBIS Apps - the team is using data for decision making, sharing discipline data effectively with faculty, and ensuring the essential elements of PBIS (as identified by the Georgia DOE) are in place with fidelity. 2. Facilitate strategic problem-solving with school teams, the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) process for behavior with school teams, the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of school team meetings and effective communications between the school leadership team, school, and community stakeholders (e.g., faculty, students, staff, parents, community members). 3. Attend and participate in training and meetings provided by the district and the Georgia Department of Education and Metro RESA in addition to school team training events with assigned team (Tier 1; Tier 2; PBIS In The Classroom; PBIS Early Learning; Trauma-Sensitive Schools; Check and Connect; Check-In Check-Out; PBIS Coaches Meetings; Trauma Informed Schools; SWIS; monthly PBIS Team meetings) 4. Guide implementation efforts with fidelity (i.e., maintain a record of discipline data, action plan, products notebook, etc.) including the monitoring and /reporting on PBIS School Team meetings and coaching progress to principal and district level staff, guiding strategic data based action planning with school team, linking school team to support resources and positively report, promote, shape, and reinforce school team progress and products. Ensure all team members and principal have a full understanding of the requirements for each level of PBIS recognition from the Georgia DOE. 5. Responsible for the collection of school team data and evaluations including facilitating the school based team through the PBIS process and by completing and collecting data required for Project Evaluation Reports, End-of-Year Report, Self-Assessment Survey, Tiered Fidelity Instrument, and PBIS walk-throughs. 6. Support teachers in building and maintaining strong, positive, and appropriate relationships with all students based on genuine connections to increase student engagement in the school experience. 7. Support and assist staff in defining and measuring behavior; identifying the function of behavior; using a continuum of responses to behavior; selecting the appropriate intervention based on both behavior and the function of the behavior; understanding behavior extinction and how to properly use it; understanding principles of reinforcement; teaching new behavior and implementing strategies for weakening inappropriate behaviors. 8. Facilitate team meetings with the identified student's teachers and parents for the purpose of completing a Functional Behavioral Assessment. 9. Facilitate team meetings that: design Behavior Interventions Plans; address classroom organization, effective instruction, social skills instruction, and ethical issues; School-wide Positive Behavioral Support; and factors that affect effectiveness including social validity and treatment integrity. 10. Work with individual teachers, groups of teachers and/or the entire staff on issues such as: crisis intervention, learning and collaboration issues, and factors that can affect development and implementation of interventions. 11. Promote highly specialized positive behavior interventions in which "at risk" students thrive: behavior instruction that is explicit, intensive, accelerated, proactive and provides ample practice. 12. Use ongoing assessments to maintain a record of student progress. 13. Develop a repertoire of assessment strategies consistent with instructional goals, teaching methods, and individual student needs to more accurately assess student behavior skills and understandings. 14. Regard assessment as a joint venture through which both student and teacher understanding is enhanced. 15. Create fair and equitable assessments to assess higher-order thinking and problem solving as well as individual skills, knowledge, and understandings. 16. Model good assessment processes that assist students in assessing their own work and behavior. 17. Provide recognition of a variety of student accomplishments and positive behaviors. 18. Work cooperatively with building administrators to promote positive student behavior by providing professional development that targets research based strategies and evidence based practices to support teachers in their implementation of positive behavior support in their classrooms. 19. Continually supervise students to ensure a safe, non-threatening, nurturing environment where students can thrive. 20. Engage in on-going professional development to increase knowledge and skills of positive student behavior support for all students, targeted students and students who represent sub-group populations. 21. Engage parents in the "student behavior intervention plan" process and empower parents by providing them with skills and techniques to support the positive behavior development of their child. 22. Conduct conflict resolution and peer mediation sessions 23. Review behavior referrals and data reports. 24. Consult with school social worker, counselors, and teachers. 25. Attend professional development opportunities to maintain high level of skill and knowledge of current research and practices. 26. Organize and schedule time commitments to meet demands of the job. 27. Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve District, building, departmental and/or grade level goals. 28. Perform other duties as assigned. Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job . click apply for full job details

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