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Product Designer

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Position: Product Designer

Description: Let companies apply to you, not the other way around. Sign up with Hired to get access to thousands of companies currently hiring product designers. Want to work for a company you love Are you a Product Designer Would you like to design, ship and iterate on products Responsibilities Expressing your design ideas through multiple prototypes at every level of fidelity. Drawing inspiration and learning from users by testing your ideas in collaboration with our user research team. Rapidly iterating upon your designs based on user insights and team feedback. Integrating real usage data as a design consideration. Contributing to and enhancing brand & experience. Skills Experience with responsive, mobile friendly design for the web, as well as iOS and Android designs. You strive for mastery and continuous improvement in the realm of UX, in everything from proposing a new wireframe methodology to experimenting with new ways to become more user-centered across our whole company. On the spectrum of design capabilities, your strengths are in flows, interactions, sketches and wireframes to solve real user problems. Visual design polish is a plus but not a must.

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