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Post-Doctoral fellowship Offer

Summary Sheet: I.T. & Communications

Advertiser NameHelvetia Partners MedicalAdvertiser Type:Agency
Classification:I.T. & CommunicationsSubclassification:
Language:English - United Kingdom (en-GB) Contact Name:
Employment Type:PermanentWorkhours:Full Time

Position: Post-Doctoral fellowship Offer

Description: Post Doctorate fellowship offer you have a PhD in Deep Learning applications and at least an interest if no proper experience in the field of medical images and or images sequences analysis Search no longer, we have a role that can be a first class opportunity and at the same time, you will be working on reseaches that have the potential to improve thousands of lifes... What do you need First of all aside from soft skills and your PHD studies in deep learming applications, you should have excellent CNNs skills and recurrent networks. Good Python programming skills and DL frameworks such as Keras Tensorflow or pytorch... Knowledge of C .NET , F or C is a plus i am very much looking to discuss this role and see how it can match with your personal long term aspirations.

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