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BIM Manager

Summary Sheet: Construction

Advertiser NameHill PartnershipAdvertiser Type:Company
Country:United KingdomLocation:United Kingdom
Language:English - United Kingdom (en-GB) Contact Name:
Employment Type:PermanentWorkhours:Full Time

Position: BIM Manager


Role overview:

  • Lead the development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) across Hill.
  • Lead and embed our use of the common data environment, DALUX, group wide and co-ordinate the team of internal Dalux Superusers.
  • Ensure that processes and systems are created or developed to accommodate regulatory digitised requirements relating to building information, including, but not limited to The Building Safety Bill, Golden Thread Regulations and Change Control.
  • Provide BIM support and guidance to Hill technical and design functions along with other departments as required.
  • Ensure that necessary compliance standards are achieved on UK Framework projects, including associated engagement with 3 rd party / consultant designers directly or via appointed subcontractors.
  • Lead obtaining ISO19650 accreditation at group level and ensure systems & processes are in place to maintain this.
  • Promote and represent Hill on relevant industry working groups, e.g. BIM4Housing, BIM4HA's etc.
  • As required, develop strategies for the development of new digital technologies and / or platforms.
  • Support the Head of Quality in delivering quality raising initiatives, including the production of standard details and policies.
  • Support Hill's Bid Team in addressing specific BIM related customer questions or requirements.

Role Scope:

  • Reportable to the Head of Quality.
  • Accountable for the group wide BIM function. Key Internal/External Relationships:
  • Internal: Technical and Design Managers (and their teams)
  • Internal: Internal Architectural Team
  • Internal: IT Department
  • Internal: Commercial Managers (and their teams)
  • Internal: Estimators
  • Internal: Bid Team
  • External: Platform software providers (e.g. Dalux)
  • External: Industry working groups (e.g. BIM4Housing, BIM4HA's, Golden Thread Initiative)
  • External: Design Consultants.
  • External: Clients BIM, Design and Project Teams including FM Teams

    Key Results Areas:

    1. Regulatory and Legislative Environment - Building Safety

  • Maintain awareness of current and anticipated new regulatory requirements in relation to building safety, specifically the new Building Safety Bill and all relevant secondary legislation (e.g. Golden Thread Regulations) and actions required to support and embed necessary change to Hill processes and systems.
  • Ensure that Hill's Change Control process meets anticipated regulatory requirements and embedded throughout the group, including providing any training or support required to achieve this.

    2. Quality

  • Support the Head of Quality in the development of standard processes and technical policies.
  • Establish, publish / create policy and maintain minimum standards for BIM design within Hill.

    3. Delivery

  • Develop and deliver group wide competence in the use of Dalux and directly manage the Dalux account.
  • Implement ISO19650 throughout Hill and receive accreditation via Lloyds Register.
  • Ensure our systems and processes adhere to the 'UK BIM Framework'.

    4. Project based BIM activities

  • Create Exchange Information Requirements and brief the supply chain accordingly. Interpret and advise on client owned Exchange Information Requirements.
  • Create, Manage and update / monitor BIM execution plans throughout projects
  • Create, manage and monitor Level of Information Need responsibility Matrices.
  • Create and advise on Asset Information Requirements and offer guidance to clients and their consultants.
  • Co-ordinate Models in Revit and Dalux BIM viewer locations and ensure consultants are adhering to the above documents and drawings are linked to models.
  • Support project teams in ensuring that subcontractors (and their 3 rd party consultants) adhere to the Responsibility Matrices.
  • Liaising with clients on outputs and how they can integrate within facilities management software for operations and maintenance of their buildings.
  • Validating consultant and subcontractor Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) spreadsheets.
  • Assisting with handovers of metadata on common data environments and COBie data upon practical completion.
  • Attend BIM 'kick off' meetings and clash detection workshops.
  • Upload and import models from tenders into the pre-construction project folders within Dalux for the Pre-con Team to view and utilise.

    5. People

  • Ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Work effectively as part of Team Hill

    Success Measures:

  • Projects / work is delivered to agreed timescales / deadlines / requirements.
  • Information and best practice is shared to increase performance and knowledge of staff interfacing with BIM.
  • Improved proficiency of staff in the use of Dalux and other software.
  • Improved proficiency of staff in BIM functions, change control and other associated activities.
  • Timely development and implementation of changes or new activities required to meet new regulatory requirements.
  • Position Hill's external profile as a leader within the industry.

    Skills, Experience and Training Attributes:

  • Fully proficient and experienced with BIM and associated systems.
  • Ability to train and lead others within the organisation without additional technical support.
  • A subject matter expert.
  • Support software training across the organisation, including site visits, delivering training and trialling new software as required.
  • Make recommendations, and where approved, roll out addition functionality across other departments or group wide.

Hill Expects Every Employee to:

  • Work as 'one team' with all at Hill.
  • Maintain and enhance the company's reputation, be professional and consistent so that we are seen as 'best in class' in everything we do, to help raise our profile and secure business.
  • Undertake any other duties as we may reasonably require so that the needs of the business are met.
  • Read, understand and comply with Company Policy and Procedures at all times including completion of mandated Company Training.
  • Demonstrate and support the Company Values.

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